Luskintyre Bridge

One of only two surviving examples in New South Wales of an early steel Pratt truss bridge.

The bridge consists of two steel trusses, each  60.6 metres long, supported upon iron cylinder piers filled with concrete and 15 beam spans of ironbark timber, supported upon braced pile piers.

It is one of only two surviving examples of an early steel Pratt truss bridge in New South Wales.

The bridge is listed as an item of environmental heritage under the Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011 (LEP), as well as an item of State Heritage Significance under the Roads and Maritime Heritage and Conservation Register.Roads and Maritime Services implemented major maintenance on Luskintyre Bridge to maintain capacity and reduce long term maintenance costs.
The NSW Government provided $4.9 million in 2015/16 for this major maintenance work.

In 2010 the Luskintyre Bridge was used as a  set location during the filming of the movie Tomorrow When The War Began.

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