5 week Meditation Course

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. It is scientifically proven to help reduce stress, enhance creativity, improve focus, and relieve anxiety.

Stress and anxiety are increasingly common complaints in today’s fast-paced world and not dealing with stressful events or anxiety attacks can lead to more severe and often debilitating physical and mental issues.

Over time, we create our own individual stress response pattern through our thoughts and beliefs, our emotional responses, the way we breathe, and the way we hold and move our body.

Learn different meditation and breathing techniques in a safe and supportive environment.

During the 5 weeks you will recover from life’s unbalanced rhythm and learn how to:

• Release the body from stress

• Lead your mind into a peaceful position

• Harmonise your emotions

• Introduce the power of conscious breathing into your daily life

• Calm your brain activity with meditation and awareness

* Sense the pure Flow of being Present

* Discover a new found deeper awareness of your inner strength and peace so you will be able to continue to live your life with happiness and to your full potential.


Nov 29 2020


Harry's Yoga Studio
Level 1, 479 High Street, Maitland NSW 2320


7:15 pm


$80.00 per person


Harry's Yoga Studio
0422 105 638
[email protected]
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