Chris Kunko | Thinking Of An Old Friend

Thinking of an Old Friend is a song by Japanese guquin player Wu Jinglue and is the inspiration for Kunko’s Maitland exhibition.

At the same time of hearing that song, Kunko was scribbling down poems that were breathing life into locked away imagery and recent drawings.

Metaphorically a mixed play list was being shuffled together, a subjective flow between his writing and drawings had engaged, all the time being mindful of words and how imagery relates to them.

An infinite lifetime of displaced images is stored in our head. Kunko’s finished works are a representation of these displaced images, drawing parallels to reoccurring behaviours performed in the everyday.

The title of each work is not the absolute literal meaning, rather an embossing of a remembered link between the song Thinking of an Old Friend with his observations.


Nov 01 2020 - Nov 15 2020


Maitland Regional Art Gallery
230 High Street, Maitland NSW 2320


10:00 am - 5:00 pm



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Maitland Regional Art Gallery
02 4934 9859
[email protected]
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