Evelyn the Ghost of Grossmann House – School is in!

This is the third year Anniversary to celebrate Evelyn the ghost of Grossmann House.

Evelyn is ‘allegedly’ just one of a number of spirits said to remain at the properties of Grossmann and Brough Houses at Maitland.

Her time at the house goes back to the time when these buildings were school houses and boarding houses.

They will be evoking the period with a dress up night and remember the times with first hand accounts from previous students read out as they remind themselves of their own school days.

This is a fun night but also a night of investigating for the ghosts of the houses with naughty games including time making spirit boards and using pendulums.

Should they also bring out a Ouija board?

Will they survive or will they be caught by the Matron who allegedly had an iron fist and have to be punished by scrubbing the shower floors with a toothbrush?

Come along and enjoy this really fun night – great for first timers in investigating.

They do really encourage you to Get Dressed Up In School Uniforms!

Tea, coffee, sausage rolls with plenty of sauce as well as lollies will be served.

Note: 17 years and over only.

A generous portion of your event fee goes directly to the National Trust.

Hosted by Newcastle Ghost Tours

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Nov 28 2020


Grossmann & Brough Houses
Church Street, Maitland NSW 2320


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


$60.00 per person + booking fee

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