Green Street, Morpeth: Meet and Greet with Grug

Visit Green Street, Morpeth and enjoy the sights of event Morph It.

Whilst you’re there, have a meet and greet with Grug while he is visiting Green Street to celebrate the new book release. The meet and greets will happen at 10.30am and 1.00pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

‘It has not rained for a long time. The grass around Grug’s house was very dry and brown. Many leaves were falling from the trees. One very, very hot day Grug noticed a cloud of smoke in the distance. It seemed to be getting closer and closer to his home. Then Care hurriedly slithered up and said ‘It’s a bushfire!’ Grug had never seen a bushfire. ‘We should be safe in your house’, said Cara, ‘because you live under the ground.’

Join your favourite bush character in this very special, exclusive hardback, the first all new Grug since 2016 and the 35th title in the Grug series. Grug is back from the bush to remind us of the importance of looking after each other, renewing the Australian wilderness and the caution we ll need to take during the bushfire season. 

‘Morph It’ will see Council unlock public space in Morpeth through a suite of quick, engaging and high impact temporary interventions that build upon the unique character of the historic town of Morpeth and challenge the traditional hierarchy of our streets.

Morph It will run from Friday 23 October until Sunday 29 November 2020.

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Nov 14 2020




10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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