Kids School Holiday Nature Workshops

Spring is a great time for getting kids planting – think yummy snow peas, broad beans and sugar snap peas!

Bring your kids along to our Edible Kids’ Gardens pop-up event for some creative nature play including fossil making, edible and sensory plants, mud shaping, colouring-in, sow-a-seed action with their own paper pots to take home and nurture and more.

By creating this natural environment through the use of herbs, veggies and sensory plants, it will teach the little ones the importance of seeds, where they grow and what plants they might like to eat.

Edible Kids Gardens seek to showcase practical ideas to inspire creativity and to empower communities in growing their own food.


Oct 11 2019


Riverside Plaza
405 High Street Maitland


10:00 am - 3:00 pm



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Riverside Plaza
[email protected]
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