Love’s Labour’s Lost – Maitland Repertory Theatre

Shakespearean comedy in-the-round from Reamus

One of Shakespeare’s earlier comedies, Love’s Labour’s Lost is a witty battle of the sexes that makes fun of the scholarly world of literarians in love with language while taking up a serious issue of Shakespeare’s day, that of swearing and foreswearing oaths.

In an attempt to turn the Kingdom of Navarre into a Renaissance-like academy committed to higher learning, philosophy and the arts, a young King Ferdinand and his witty followers swear an oath not to see ladies, to study, fast and not sleep for a period of 3 years. When the Princess of France and her learned ladies enter the scene their oaths are put to the test and court mischief ensues.

Watch as the boys of Navarre struggle not only to maintain the oaths they have sworn, but to protect their manly pride as they are outwitted by the ladies.

Doors open 30 minutes before performances



Sep 19 2020


Maitland Repertory Theatre
Cnr High & James Street, Maitland




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