Maitland Art Drop

The Maitland Art Drop happens every two/three months, where artists will drop a piece of art they have designed in a secret location for anyone to find. Once the artist drops the work they will film the location for a clue on where to find it (via. Instagram). Like a scavenger hunt!

It’s all free and a great way for the artist to get exposure and someone to snag up some free art!

Anyone is allowed to drop or find the artwork, the reasoning behind this event is bringing the art community closer.

So what @maitlandartdrop does is have artists contact them (via. Instagram) and they post the art they will be dropping so people can find the artists account and follow them to find the art!

It’s been running in Maitland for about a year and it’s been very successful but they would love more people to get involved.


Nov 24 2020




6:00 pm




Beth Voltage
[email protected]
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