Staging Colours Performances

From 27 March to 18 May 2019 The Riverlink will host a small stage that is free for anyone to use as a performance space.  A range of special performers have been programmed but this stage is open to anyone who want to use it –  we want you!

On 6 April the Staging Colours stage welcomes Numpty and the Other One Productions – A laugh out loud performance with a mix of the circa in the 1910s,  1920s and 1930s.

This will be performed by two local actors and the show will feature two one act plays:

‘The Incompatibles’ tells the story of a date gone wrong, when the lady’s former husband interrupts! An allegory romance torn asunder by pernicious gossiping and the plague of marital erosion in our modern (olden) times.

‘He Said She Said’ illustrates how even the happiest couple can be brought to the very brink when the seeds of distrust sneak into their relationship and how quickly people are to make snap judgments about their worst fears.

Come along and laugh at some dramedies (dramatic comedies), suitable for the whole family!

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Nov 25 2020


The Riverlink
The Levee, Maitland


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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02 4934 9700
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