The city of Maitland has long been regarded as a special place and we are fortunate today in retaining a wonderfully rich and diverse legacy of Aboriginal and European cultural values as demonstrated through local communities, places and historic settlements.

The Hunter River and Wallis Plains has long been a site of regional trade and cultural exchange from Aboriginal habitation many thousands of years ago to the comparably recent European settlement from the early 1800s.

Maitland’s cultural heritage is particularly strong with a wide variety of community groups active in preserving, interpreting and exhibiting the rich cultural history of our region. From the historical village of Morpeth, the Maitland City Heritage Group, local Historical and Genealogical Societies, to the Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles, the Les Darcy Committee and the Grossman House Trust. Our cultural diversity is further strengthened by the many ethnic communities increasingly making Maitland their home. There are 49 different countries represented in Maitland bringing a wealth of multicultural traditions to the city.