Walls that Talk

Maitland City Library is the backdrop to a rotating series of images and words. Opening the library’s countless worlds of imagination, history, nature, culture and more.

Currently on show is our Pets of Maitland exhibition which showcases nine gorgeous pets from the region.

Our next exhibition is now open for applicants to apply. We want to know what habits or skills you or someone you know have picked up during this pandemic.

Share your story with us by Sunday 26 July, either using the hashtag #PandemicalHabits on Instagram and/or Facebook or emailing [email protected]

Walls that talk

Pavement Pioneers

Pavement Pioneers is a heritage interpretation project connecting people with Maitland’s history by encouraging pedestrians to ‘look up’ at some of Maitland’s key architectural assets.

Follow the trail and look at 10 of Maitland’s most important architectural assets from a new perspective. Interact with the map and click on the individual sites to view information on each building.