Love #MyMaitland? Here’s what you can do to help


Its super simple to be a part of the #MyMaitland campaign, all it takes is for people to use #MyMaitland on their social media profiles. The challenge though is for everyone to invite just one extra person a year, from outside of Maitland, to visit and stay overnight so they can show them the best things about our city.

For businesses, this is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the city’s growing visitor economy and celebrate the wide range of experiences that Maitland has to offer.

Here are three things your business can do

  • Share #MyMaitland on your business social media accounts
  • Encourage staff to use #MyMaitland and invite their mates to Maitland
  • Consider advertising in the next edition of Meander, which will be distributed to every household across the city.

#MyMaitland campaign in numbers

The #MyMaitland visitor economy campaign is part of the wider Brand Maitland project. The campaign has been developed to focus on growing the Visiting Friends and Relatives market, which is our largest market segment.

The target for the campaign is largely residents of Maitland, who we are looking to convert into ambassadors for the city, taking action to invite friends and relatives to come and stay with them to boost visitation, the local economy and ultimately create jobs.

We have an incredibly long, confusing and colourful spreadsheet for the campaign plan, but to help make things a bit clearer, we’ve crunched the numbers for some of what’s to come.

  • Maitland’s visitor economy is now worth around $108M annually.
  • Over 60% of domestic overnight visitors stay with friends and relatives.
  • If everyone had just one extra person a year visit them overnight, from outside of Maitland, it would represent a massive $10M* growth in the city’s visitor economy.
  • Around $90,000 will be invested in the deployment of the #MyMaitland campaign.
  • The campaign will run over 266 days to March 2018.


  • A series of social media posts will be developed for the already 4,500 people following the My Maitland Facebook page and the 757 followers on the My Maitland Instagram profile.
  • The MyMaitland website attracts over 49,300 visitors.
  • The website features five testimonial videos and 12 promotional.
  • Distribute email newsletters to more than 660 local businesses.


  • One billboard at Tarro, heading westbound, which will change three times during the campaign.
  • One new reskin of the road side sign located outside Heritage Gardens on the New England Highway.
  • Installation of signage at up to 50 sportsgrounds featuring #MyMaitland.
  • Flags on 30 flagpoles in Central Maitland, East Maitland and The Levee.
  • The big red sign on Les Darcy Drive will highlight #MyMaitland.
  • Early in 2018, the nine banners on Maitland City Library will showcase some iconic imagery of Maitland.

Advertising and media

  • Targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising to the estimated 50,000 Maitland residents who are on social media.
  • Online advertising campaign targeted to over 63,000 Maitland residents who are online.
  • More than 70 days of cinema advertising during the September, October and January school holidays at Reading Cinemas in Maitland.
  • Unaddressed mail out to all 32,000 households within the Maitland LGA.
  • Five identified media opportunities to promote the campaign at key milestones.


  • 2,000 postcards printed for people to invite friends and relatives to stay with them.
  • 10,000 pens, 3,000 wristbands, 6,000 balloons for giveaway at events.
  • 60,000 Meander Magazines with a sheet of introductory offers for local residents.

Community connections

  • Outdoor display and counter at five of Council’s flagship events.
  • Presentations to community and business groups and invitations to a number of local schools to participate in the campaign.
  • Internal promotion to Council’s 400 staff to encourage them to become ambassadors for the campaign.

And that’s it… so get #hashtagging (#MyMaitland).