Street Eats

Street Eats opens the doors to unique street food fare across Maitland. Popping up in parks and recreation spaces across the city, Street Eats brings flavours from all around the world. It is a chance to relax in great outdoor locations, have a feed and listen to performances by great local musicians.

For information on Street Eats meet ups follow the link here.

NAB Laneway

Connecting The Riverwalk and Riverside Carpark to High Street, NAB laneway has been transformed into a quiet place to relax, have lunch or just watch the world go by. Fragrant jasmine lines the walls and at night festoon lights cast an ambient glow to the space.

It has also seen temporary artworks installed by artist Michaela Swan and Indeah Clark. In 2018 Mai-Wel held an evening on music, dancing and art as part of a Place Activation My Place grants.