I can’t feel my face. I’m on to number seven of my coffee tour of Maitland, and if I’m going to be honest, it’s all starting to blur into a frothy haze of crema and jitters. Foolishly, I didn’t realise just how many coffee joints were around town.

When considering Australia’s coffee meccas, Melbourne and Sydney first jump to mind. However, the desire for high quality, barista made coffee is starting to brew in regional centres, driven by tree changers and tourists who refuse to settle for second best.

Six coffees down, I can safely, and rather speedily, say that Maitland offers a range of locations to grab a great coffee. I have experienced everything from a mild flavour that’s smoother than butter, to a robust smack in the face that rotated my head like a possessed Linda Blair from The Exorcist.

Having said that, I am of the firm belief that the beverage alone does not maketh the coffee experience. For starters, are you drinking there or taking away? Looking for a quick hit or sips to savour?

This brings me back to my discovery of the sheer number of decent places to get a coffee around Maitland. While I may only name a few, I can make a personal guarantee that as you criss cross this city you will find at least one that you’ll love, but probably more.

The catch up with friends
Located inside Heritage Gardens Nursery, the Café offers a cosy atmosphere. The furniture is what you would find in your own home, the dominant soundscape is the birds outside, and as you leave you get to wander through vivid flowers, making it a great place to unwind with friends.

The family breakfast
Child friendly and classy are two descriptors that wouldn’t seem to go together, but Séraphine Café is both. It’s no coincidence that it is named for French painter Séraphine Louis, as it leads directly into the Maitland Regional Art Gallery. The Victorian style furniture is the perfect thing to curl up on with a cappuccino, while the tables will suit the smallest and messiest of eaters.

Lose yourself in a coffee
Taking a wander down The Levee, in Central Maitland you’re spoilt for choice with coffee. But if your idea of a good time is to curl up to a good book with a cuppa, and spend some time with yourself, then Favourite Chair Café may be to your liking. The eclectic furniture and endless collection of books make it feel more like a living room than a café. Be warned the tricky part is selecting just the right book.

The tantalising takeaway
Connania’s Coffee Bar surprises you with a great coffee where you may not expect it, tucked into a motley row of shops in the middle of Tenambit. The shops themselves tend to serve as a community hub, with plenty of close parking making it easy to duck in and back out again. However, the baristas at Connania’s are very friendly, so you may get caught up in a chat.

Good coffee isn’t just for the city
Ten minutes from the city’s centre sits a hut, seemingly in the middle of a very picturesque nowhere. It may seem misplaced, but that hut is home of the award winning coffee from The Coffee Cubby. It is definitely worth the drive.

Despite the caffeine induced side effects, drinking all of that delicious coffee was a job worth doing. I mean, it was tough, but somebody had to do it.

There’s no better way to experience Maitland, than by roaming around, sipping coffee, eating sweet treats and indulging in heavy beauty and massage routine. How else would you spend your day? Highlighted in this video is Xtraction Espresso, MP Spa and Beauty, Adnama’s at Lorn and Icky Sticky Patisserie.

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