Guilty In Green

Guilty in Green is an exhibition designed to explore how uniforms for both staff and prisoners changed over the 150 years Maitland Gaol operated.

Prisoners have almost exclusively been dressed in green since the 1970s, however this wasn’t always the case.

Maitland Gaol was a prison outpost, far from the bustling streets of Sydney. Many early prisoners were forced to wear the clothes they came with, no matter how filthy they were because the Gaol just didn’t have the supply of uniforms to fit them out.

The exhibition aims to give visitors an understanding of uniforms through the ages, for both prisoners and prison officers. A collection of uniforms will be on display to signify the distinct difference between prisoners and prison officers.


Dec 22 2018 - Mar 10 2019


10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

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