Central Maitland Heritage Walk

Maitland was officially recognised and proclaimed in 1835. On the Maitland Heritage Walk marvel and learn the history of buildings dating back to the mid 1800s including Maitland Railway Station, Grossman House, St Mary’s Church and Grand Central Hotel. The walk takes you to 35 sites where you can take a look back in time and explore the Maitland of today and yesteryear.

East Maitland Heritage Walk

The ‘Government town’ of East Maitland, as it was known,was officially proclaimed in 1833. The Heritage Walk features buildings of stature like Maitland Gaol, East Maitland Court House, and sites associated with our convict history and persons of interest like Caroline Chisholm and LesDarcy. Glebe Cemetery, considered to be of state level significance, is also a site on the walk to deliberate days of old.

Morpeth Heritage Walk

During the 1830s and 1840s Morpeth became the Hunter Valley’s major port. It was at this time a number of major buildings, such as St. James’ Church and Taylor’s Bond Stores were constructed. The town flourished and by 1865 river trade was booming, leading to more significant buildings being built. The Morpeth Heritage Walk takes you to 25 of these sites as you uncover the spirit of Morpeth, its cobbled streets and friendly locals.