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Agritourism is a key sector in the development of Maitland as a destination, and there are a range of resources available for property owners looking to unlock new opportunities.

In December 2022, the NSW Government made a raft of changes to its agritourism policy. These changes encourage the growth of emerging agritourism activities on farms that are supplementary to, or based on, agriculture.

Agritourism allows farmers to showcase what is unique about their region, offers an additional source of income and supports sustainable tourism whilst giving people more reasons to visit regional and rural NSW.

If you are interested in exploring the feasibility of expanding your operation to incorporate an element of agritourism, please contact Simon Farrow via [email protected].

australian regional tourism

In October 2022, Australian Regional Tourism (ART) launched the Agritourism 2030 Strategy, following which they released an Agritourism Action Plan and associated toolkit for farmers. Click the link below to view the available resources.

agritourism factsheet

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of using your farm for tourism related ventures, here are five ways that exempt and complying properties could create alternate revenue streams.

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policy information

If you are having trouble wrapping your head around the new agritourism policy, the Department of Planning and Environment information sheet aims to clarify the changes .

frequently asked questions

If you have some questions about agritourism, the changes to the policy, and how it may affect you, we recommend reviewing the answers prepared by the The Department of Planning and Environment.     

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Destination NSW Supports the agritourism sector and has created a new look corporate website that features a handy guide to creating and upscaling agritourism experiences.

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