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Admire the amazing engineering feats of days gone by and the important role they played in the expansion of the road network and economic activity throughout NSW. Morpeth (1), Hinton (2) and Dunmore Bridge (3) are state significant Allan truss road bridges. Hinton  is one of only three lift bridges in the Hunter region which in the past accommodated river steamers that travelled the Hunter River systemThe Harry Boyle Bridge (4) connects Bolwarra to East Maitland and is the third river crossing over the Hunter River. The bridge was named in honour of one Maitland’s historians. Prior to the first Belmore Bridge being built in 1869, tidal movements and a gravel bar (called the Falls) behind the Maitland Courthouse allowed settlers of Bolwarra and Paterson to cross from Maitland to their farms. The Belmore Bridge (5) that stands today opened in 1964 after the first one was demolished.

The Hunter River covers a distance of 467km, starting North of Muswellbrook and flows south where it is joined by its major tributary, the Goulburn River, and then east to Newcastle where it discharges into the Tasman Sea. The Hunter River has been many things to the City of Maitland over its recorded history. Whilst it has brought destructive floods over the years it has played an important role in the life and growth of the City of Maitland which has grown and developed on its banks.

The Paterson River covers a distance of 151km, generally flowing South and Southeast, joined by six minor tributaries before reaching its confluence with the Hunter River between Hinton and Morpeth. The river is impounded by Lostock Dam upstream from the village of East Gresford. The Paterson River forms the border between the local government areas of Maitland and Port Stephens.

1. Morpeth Bridge, Morpeth
2. Hinton Bridge, Hinton
3. Dunmore Bridge, Woodville
4. Harry Boyle Bridge, Pitnacree
5. Belmore Bridge, Maitland

Distance: 24km

Drive Time: 25min

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Luskintyre Bridge


Queens Wharf

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We acknowledge the Wonnarua People as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land within the Maitland Local Government Area. We pay respect to all Aboriginal Elders, past, present and future with a spiritual connection to these lands.

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