Main Entrance Commercial Hotel Brewery Unitank Edward Close

Morpeth Brewery


Morpeth Brewery is a small, independent, artisan brewery that has proudly been brewing hand crafted beers on the premises of the Commercial Hotel since 2012.

By only brewing using only malt, hops, yeast and water, they do not use additives or preservatives nor do they filter or pasteurise their beers. They do not artificially carbonate their beers as many big breweries do.

In this way, their natural, living beers – like fine wines – mature and evolve with time, and a glass of their beer imbibed early in the life of the batch may offer a subtly different taste experience from a glass from the same batch at a later time. Of course, as artisan brewers, they celebrate these inherent variations as a traditional way of brewing and a unique point of difference from factory produced beer.

If you are seeking a wholesome and distinctive taste and aroma experience in your beer, then look no further than Morpeth Brewery.

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