Agritourism is a unique and enjoyable combination of agriculture and tourism. It includes activities and experiences that allow visitors to explore, engage, and participate in the daily life of a working farm or rural environment. From picking fresh produce to interacting with farm animals, agritourism provides a hands on and educational way to connect with life on the farm.

MAKE IT MAITLAND for your next farming venture

  • Take a tour of Tocal Farm, the regions largest agriculture hub, to explore five agricultural enterprises of food and fibre.
  • Visit Purple Pear Farm to learn about sustainable permaculture, biodynamics, and organic farming practices, which you can implement in your garden.
  • Take a Winery and Vineyard tour of Tranquil Vale with a viticulturist to better understand the winemaking process.
  • Visit Phoenix Park Farm Gate to get fresh, sustainable and chemical free produce direct from the grower.



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