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The statewide Visitor Attraction Signposting Program has been operating since 1990 and is a partnership between Destination NSW and Transport for NSW that safely and efficiently guides visitors to destinations, attractions and services.

Visitor Attraction signs are installed on the state managed and local road networks in New South Wales to inform visitors of attractions and services available at a destination as well as indicate establishments, natural or physical attractions or places that are considered major attractions. 

Below you will find a series of links to useful information regarding categories and eligibility, pricing, and the application process for Visitor Attraction Signposting on state roads. Maitland City Council is committed to assisting eligible local businesses through the application process, and we encourage any enquiries to be directed to the Visitor Economy team via phone (02 4931 2800) or email ([email protected])

ATDW-Morpeth to Walka - Stage 1A


There are a range of visitor attraction signposting categories available, and each has specific criteria to ensure that the signposted attraction meets the expectations of visitors. Click the link below to review the list of categories and associated criteria.

apply for signage

Applications for Visitor Attraction signs that are installed on the state managed road network in NSW are made via Destination NSW. Click the link below to make an application, or contact the Visitor Economy team to discuss the merits of your application.

council assistance

The Visitor Economy team at Maitland City Council is committed to helping eligible businesses through the application process. Contact the team via the link below for assistance, or call us directly on 02 4931 2800.

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pricing guide

Destination NSW has produced a Signage Pricing Guide that will provide potential applicants with an understanding of the estimated costs associated with their potential application. Click the link below to review the pricing guide.

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