A Taste of the Bush – Bush Tomato Dukkah 130g

These Australian native tomatoes are gathered in Central Australia, dried, ground and blended with Native Basil and a hint of chilli. This robust and spicy dukkah has been specially formulated with Australian native herbs and spices give a truly sensational flavour. 

A Taste of the Bush – Lemon Myrtle Macadamia Oil 250ml

The delicate flavour of Lemon Myrtle has been blended with cold pressed Macadamia Oil making this an ideal oil for salads. Try drizzling a little over fish before cooking for a taste sensation. Macadamia oil is cholesterol free and makes a healthy addition to our daily diet. Salad dressing in a small jug, pour 3tbsp […]

A Taste of the Bush – Bush Tomato Triple Pack

This great little pack great for those who like a bit of heat. Pack includes 100ml Bush Tomato, garlic, chilli Macadamia oil, 100ml Bush Tomato vinegar, 50g Bush Tomato, Native Basil dukkah with chilli.  The ideal gift for foodies.

A Taste of the Bush – Lemon Myrtle Triple Pack

This great little pack is the perfect way to discover the fabulous combinations of the Macadamia oils, finishing vinegars and dukkahs. Pack includes 100ml Lemon Myrtle infused Macadamia oil, 100ml Raspberry Finishing vinegar, 50g Lemon Myrtle Macadamia dukkah. The ideal gift for foodies.

A Taste of the Bush – Raspberry Finishing Vinegar 250ml

This light fruity caramelised vinegar has the freshness of Lemon Myrtle blended with the deliciously piquant taste of raspberries. Try it as a lovely addition to a good cheese board, as a glaze for duck breast or simply for dipping with our Lemon Myrtle infused Macadamia Oil.

A Taste of the Bush – Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil

This natural macadamia oil is fresh and light with a lovely nutty flavour.  Perfect for salads and dipping with dukkah you can enjoy this beautiful oil without the need to cook. With its high smoking point it is also suitable for pan and stir frying with your favourite dishes.

A Taste of the Bush – Hazelnut Wattleseed Dukkah

This Tasmanian mountain pepper macadamia oil is a delicious blend of herbs and spices to create a robust dukkah.  The combination of roasted hazelbuts, toasted sesame seeds and the nutty flavour of wattleseed make a perfect pre-dinner snack, or addition to any meat.