A Taste of the Bush – Hazelnut Wattleseed Dukkah

This Tasmanian mountain pepper macadamia oil is a delicious blend of herbs and spices to create a robust dukkah.  The combination of roasted hazelbuts, toasted sesame seeds and the nutty flavour of wattleseed make a perfect pre-dinner snack, or addition to any meat.

A Taste of the Bush – Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil

This natural macadamia oil is fresh and light with a lovely nutty flavour.  Perfect for salads and dipping with dukkah you can enjoy this beautiful oil without the need to cook. With its high smoking point it is also suitable for pan and stir frying with your favourite dishes.

Gift Pack 2

This Gift pack includes a Small Uaine Candle in a tin and a 5 pack of guest soaps from Bare Natures Kin.