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If you have a tourism event or business you would like to promote, we have a number of ways you can reach your target audience.


The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is Australia’s online marketplace for tourism information. Business and event listings loaded to ATDW are published across multiple websites including, and

Creating a listing on ATDW is free. In order to maximise the potential of your listing, we recommend you take the time to prepare a quality description of your product, populate each section of the form and upload high quality imagery.

MY MAITLAND is dedicated to the promotion of the visitor economy in the Maitland Local Government area. This interactive website allows potential visitors an opportunity to discover more about the area, browse through a list of local operators and events, and create their own itineraries prior to their arrival.

Eligible businesses and events that create an ATDW listing will automatically be displayed on, and as such are not required to submit directly. 


Previously limited to highlighting events in held in the Necwastle Local Government area, What’s On Newcastle has recently expanded to include events within a half hour radius of Newcastle, including Maitland.

Community Noticeboard

If your event does not meet the requirements to be listed on, you can submit your details for promotion on the community noticeboard on Maitland City Council’s corporate website.

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