Playful Parks


Set on 112 hectares of park, lake and bushland, Walka Water Works offer the perfect setting for a picnic or a casual stroll around one of the bush trails, and also includes a children’s play area.

The site also features an old industrial chimney and ornate brickwork dating back to the early 19th century, and is home to more than 140 species of birdlife.

Maitland Park

Maitland Park ticks all the boxes. It is a great place to enjoy with lots of shade, green spaces ideal for kicking a ball around, accessible toilets, a shared pathway that winds around the entire park and a fully fenced all abilities playground. Pack the kids scooters and bikes and let their imagination run free on the pretend road completed with signs, crossings, speed bumps and refuelling area.


Bakers Brickyard

Bakers Brickyard is another popular park that features a nest swing, climbing frame, duo flying fox and modular play system featuring a tunnel, slide and lookout.


An exciting aviation themed park that features a half sized basketball court, flying fox, a skateboard zone, a massive slide and some different equipment that you don’t see at every other park that will give the kids plenty to explore and do.

Norm Chapman

Featuring a castle playground with a climbing wall, open and enclosed slide, swings and half court alongside some fitness equipment and sporting ovals giving you plenty of space to enjoy and burn off some energy.