Maitland’s Art Trail

Maitland is a city rich in arts, heritage, and culture. Be prepared to be inspired by creativity with this art trail that features multiple galleries, community art spaces and murals that can all be viewed free of charge.


Maitland regional art gallery mural

Start your trip at Maitland Regional Art Gallery and admire the mural at the gallery’s entrance. Curated by local artist Georgia Hill, the 17 m x 5 abstract artwork represents the Hunter River and features elements from the natural environment.  Its abstract nature makes it open to interpretation.



'Flow' at Lee Street

Commissioned by Maitland City Council as part of the Your High Street initiative, ‘Flow’ was painted by local artist Patricia Van Lubeck. Patricia was inspired by the Maitland gasworks located at the cinema’s current location, which borders Lee Street. It features abstract pipes and machinery with a slight art deco dressing which can also be interpreted as a circuit board.


'Passing On' at Preschool lane

Painted by local artist Patrick Hunter, the ‘Passing On’ mural represents the impact of humans on the environment and the unique markings made by the impact from our lives. This artwork was commissioned by Maitland City Council as part of the Maitlanes initiative.


'Take me to the river' at drill hall lane

‘Take me to the River’ was installed by local artist Alex Umpel. The mural highlights Maitland’s unique relationship with the Hunter River and acts as a direct link between High Street and the riverside walk.


'The New One' at bourke street link

The 18 x 9 metre wall at Bourke Street Link features the stunning mural ‘The New One’. This mural was hand painted by by Patricia Van Lubeck in coordination with other artists, such as Andrew Bennett, over two weeks.


'The Heart of Maitland' Mural at Maitland Central

‘The Heart of Maitland’ was curated by local artist Jordan Lucky and is inspired by Maitland’s colourful ecosystem which is reliant on the Hunter River. It features a stunning variety of birds of prey embraced by the local community.


Maitland's lost cedar forest

Situated at the western end of The Levee precinct, NAB Laneway has been transformed into a verdant and enchanting forest habitat that evokes Maitland’s now vanished cedar forests.  ‘Maitland’s Lost Cedar Forest’ is a ground mural by Andrew Bennett and a bespoke soundscape will offer insight into Maitland’s fascinating history through a multisensory experience.


Stillsbury Lane Mural

Stillsbury Lane, located next to The Imperial Hotel, features a mural that boasts bold colours and bright personalities. Maitland City Council commissioned it as part of the Maitlanes initiative, proudly funded by the NSW Government’s Streets as Shared Spaces program.



Located on the side of Hunter Studios at Elgin Street, this mural was inspired by the local scenery in Maitland and features a South Maitland Railway 10 Class Steam Engine hauling coal (also known as ‘Engine No 10’). ‘Wish You Were Here’ was curated by local Newcastle artist Mitch Revs.


'Welcome to Maitland' Mural

Located opposite to Maitland Station, this unique mural was painted by Hunter Valley artist Trevor Dickinson. It is one of the first things visitors alighting from the trains see when they exit the railway station and provides an excellent photo opportunity for visitors.


Studio Amsterdam

Explore the art of Realism, Surrealism and Magic realism through the work of local artist Patricia Van Lubeck’s in her personal studio, Studio Amsterdam. Patricia moved to Maitland from Amsterdam in 2017, bringing an imaginative spark to the city. She has done multiple works featured in this art trail.


Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Before leaving Central Maitland,  meander through Maitland Regional Art Gallery (locally known as MRAG) for its latest exhibitions. Onsite is Seraphine Cafe, where you can pause and refresh yourself with coffee and refreshments before continuing by car for the rest of the trail.


Lawes Street Laneway

Lawes Street Laneway is one of Maitland’s latest hangouts, being refurbished with a new ceiling, bench seating and planter boxes. The space includes a bold patterned ‘ceiling’ made with zigzag webbing overhead that comes to life every night with colourful LED neon lighting. The space is designed to ignite social interaction and inspire imagination.


Morpeth Gallery

Morpeth Gallery is a great place to unwind and observe multiple collections from well known artists. The gallery regularly hosts exhibitions primarily focusing on traditional Australian landscape and wildlife art. The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday.


'Rugs' At morpeth

‘Rugs’ is a unique handpainted artwork by Patricia Van Lubeck that covers about 200 square metres at Swan Street in Morpeth. Four rugs painted by Van Lubeck remain on Berkley Street in historic Morpeth. 



As the final stop on the Maitland Art Trail, Hunter River Studio is an art space that houses an art gallery, creative workshop spaces, and a quirky, exclusive gift shop with artworks to purchase. The studio has many talented and practicing artists as well as new emerging artists. The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, or by appointment.

Finish your journey by exploring the beautiful township of Morpeth.