Art Appreciation

Experience art in a variety of forms, from the gallery to the theatre and even on your plate.

Check in and check it out

Arrive in Maitland and check yourselves into Tranquil Vale Vineyard in Luskintyre. A quick way to begin winding down is to take part in one of their wine tastings and enjoy the beautiful, picturesque property.

Once you’ve settled in make your way to the Maitland Repertory Theatre and let the current production being shown delight and entertain you.

Time for a bite to eat? Make your way across and down High Street to The Rigby for some delicious share plates and a cocktail or craft beer.


Art Hop

Enjoy a day of hopping through the art galleries and studios that Maitland has to offer and appreciate the local creatives as well as some based further away.

Start the day at Maitland Regional Art Galley, and explore the home for an impressive collection of more than 6,000 works.

From here follow Maitland’s Art Trail which features multiple community art spaces, murals and galleries.

Culinary creators

While you’re touring Maitland in pursuit of art appreciation, enjoy some of the culinary creations our locals have come up with.

The Seraphine Cafe at Maitland Regional Art Gallery is a perfect stop for breakfast or brunch with their wonderful, seasonal menu.

The Pourhouse is a great stop for lunch. With choices of a hearty burger or lighter menu options all of which can be accompanied with a craft beer or cocktail, everyone will be satisfied after this visit.

Continue the craft beer and cocktail tour by enjoying a meal from The Whistler for dinner. Share with your partner by ordering from the tapas style menu or have a main meal to yourself!