Growing up in Maitland, it’s easy to take for granted the history of the city and sometimes it takes time away from Maitland, as well as a set of fresh eyes, to really notice what is around you. The city’s heritage just becomes part of your everyday life.

One iconic site is St Peter’s Church in East Maitland. Constructed in the 1880s, the church is recognised for its connection to the colony’s leading Gothic architecture, its rare furnishings and the importance it played in early Maitland.

Grossman and Brough Houses in Church Street, Maitland are unique mirror properties dating back to 1870. Grossman House was a private home before becoming the Maitland Girls High School. Its latest incarnation is as a museum housing the National Trust’s best Victorian era collection.

For many people what brings a City’s heritage alive is the stories about the people, the buildings are connected to the people who contributed to creating their history. One way of discovering personal connections to the city is by contacting the Maitland Genealogical Society, who hold records and the skills to assist with uncovering the most elusive of relatives.

Another way to explore the heritage of the city is to play tourist for the day. Search out your own favourite links to the past by walking the streets of Maitland or visiting historic locations such as Morpeth. The village retains much of its heritage fabric today, which can be place in context by starting out with a visit to the Morpeth Museum.

Maitland has an incredible past that it is very proud of, you only have to look around you to discover it.

Story by Melissah Comber.

This video features St Mary’s Church, Grossman House, Teale Cafe and Maitland Park. Find more like this here.